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Pregabalin CAS 148553-50-8 Product Information

Product Name: Pregabalin
Synonyms: (S)-3-(Ammoniomethyl)-5-methylhexanoate;3(S)-(AMINOMETHYL)-5;LYRICA
CAS NO: 148553-50-8
Molecular Weight: 159.226
Molecular Formula: C8H17NO2
Boiling Point: 274.0±23.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 194-196ºC
Density: 1.0±0.1 g/cm3
Appearance: white powder
Applications: It is an anticonvulsant drug used for neuropathic pain, as an adjunct therapy for partial seizures, and in generalized anxiety disorder. It was designed as a more potent successor to gabapentin.It is marketed by Pfizer under the trade nam
Solubility: deionized water: ≥10mg/mL Soluble to 100 mM in water
Storage: 2-8°C


Pregabalin uses

Pregabalin is used for various medical conditions. Here are the primary uses of pregabalin:

  1. Neuropathic Pain: Pregabalin is approved for the treatment of neuropathic pain caused by conditions such as diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage due to diabetes), post-herpetic neuralgia (pain following shingles), and fibromyalgia. It can help alleviate pain, improve sleep, and enhance overall quality of life in individuals with neuropathic pain.
  2. Seizure Disorders: Pregabalin is used as an adjunctive therapy (in combination with other antiepileptic drugs) for the treatment of partial-onset seizures in adults with epilepsy. It can help reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in these individuals.
  3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Pregabalin is approved for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. It can help reduce excessive worry, anxiety symptoms, and improve overall functioning in individuals with GAD.

In addition to these approved uses, pregabalin may also be prescribed off-label for other conditions, such as:

  1. Social Anxiety Disorder: Some healthcare providers may prescribe pregabalin off-label to manage symptoms of social anxiety disorder (social phobia).
  2. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS): Pregabalin may be used off-label to alleviate the uncomfortable sensations and urge to move associated with restless legs syndrome.
  3. Chronic Pain Conditions: Pregabalin may be used off-label to treat certain chronic pain conditions, such as chronic lower back pain or neuropathic pain associated with other medical conditions.

It is important to note that the use of pregabalin for off-label indications should be discussed with a healthcare professional, who can evaluate the potential benefits and risks based on an individual’s specific circumstances.

Always follow your healthcare provider’s instructions regarding the use of pregabalin and do not adjust the dosage or discontinue the medication without consulting them first.


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