CAS 109555-87-5 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole

Product name: 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole

CAS NO: 109555-87-5

Molecular Formula: C19H13NO

CAS 109555-87-5 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole

Place of Origin: China
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Model Number: 1KG
Certification: SGS,ISO 9001
Purity: 0.99
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CAS 109555-87-5, 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole, is a chemical compound renowned for its diverse industrial applications. With a molecular formula of C18H13NO and a molecular weight of approximately 263.3 g/mol, this fine chemical raw material is recognized for its pale orange to light pink solid state. Exhibiting limited solubility in water but effective solubility in common organic solvents such as ethanol and chloroform, 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole is distinct in its crystalline structure.


  • Research and Development:

Utilized as a research chemical in laboratories for studying various chemical processes and reactions.

  • Material Sciences:

Incorporated into material sciences research for its potential applications in developing advanced materials.

  • Chemical Manufacturing:

Used as a key intermediate in the synthesis of various chemicals, contributing to diverse industrial processes.

  • Specialty Chemicals:

Integrated into the formulation of specialty chemicals for specific industrial applications, leveraging its unique chemical properties.


Product Name: 3-(1-Naphthoyl)indole
CAS: 109555-87-5
MF: C19H13NO
MW: 271.31
EINECS: 207-791-3
Melting point 236℃
Boiling point 512.2±23.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.267
storage temp. Sealed in dry,2-8°C
solubility DMSO (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
form Solid
color Pale Orange to Light Pink


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