L(+)-Tartaric acid cas 87-69-4

Model NO. CAS 87-69-4
Einecs 201-766-0
Shelf Life >12 Months
Storage Method Keep Cool and Dry.
Transport Package 25kg Per Drum
Specification 25KG/BAG, 25KG/CARTON, 25KG/DRUM

Product Description

Common Name Tartaric acid
CAS Number 87-69-4 Molecular Weight 150.087
Density 1.76 Boiling Point 399.3±42.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular Formula C4H6O6 Melting Point 170-172 °C(lit.)
Flash Point 210 ºC
Symbol GHS05 Signal Word Danger

Tartaric acid is a white crystalline organic acid that occurs naturally in many plants, most notably in grapes. Its salt, potassium bitartrate, commonly known as cream of tartar, develops naturally in the process of winemaking. It is commonly mixed with sodium bicarbonate and is sold as baking powder used as a leavening agent in food preparation. The acid itself is added to foods as an antioxidant and to impart its distinctive sour taste.


L(+)-Tartaric acid is widely used as acidulates in beverage, and other foods, such as soft drinks, wine, candy, bread and some colloidal sweetmeats. With its optical activity, L(+)-Tartaric acid is used as chemical resolving agent to resolve DL-amino-butanol, an intermediate for anti-tubercular drug. And it is used as chiral pool to synthesize tartarate derivatives. With its acidity, it is used as catalyst in the resin finishing of fabric or pH value regulator in oryzanol production. With its complexation, L(+)-Tartaric acid is used in electroplating, sulfur removal and acid pickling. It is also used as complexing agent, screening agent or chelating agent in chemical analysis and pharmaceutical inspection, or as resist agent in dyeing. With its reduction, it is used as reductive agent in manufacturing mirror chemically or imaging agent in photography. It can also complex with metal ion and can be used as cleaning agent or polishing agent of metal surface.


General Business Description

Firsky International Trade (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Is a 100% Japanese-Owned company that was formed in 2020 as an emerging company within the chemical formulation, manufacturing and distribution spheres. The company is based in Wuhan with an extended footprint in association with Japan FIRSKY Co., Ltd. with the capacity for research and development, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. The Directors, qualified Chemical Engineers and Chemists, have a wealth of knowledge in the chemical sector. Our cumulative skills and knowledge allow us to be creative and innovative to deliver value adding products and services to our customers.

The company has a long-term cooperative relationship with Japan’s Mihama Chemical Co., Ltd. and 3M Group as well. And Firsky(Wuhan) maintains a close cooperation with many Chinese colleges and universities.

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