Phenacetin Powder CAS 62-44-2



Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2 is white powder

Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2 Product Information

Product Name: Phenacetin
CAS NO: 62-44-2
Molecular Weight: 179.216
Molecular Formula:  C10H13NO2
Boiling Point: 323.6±44.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 133-136 °C(lit.)
Density: 1.0±0.1 g/cm3
Appearance: White power
Applications: Phenacetin is mainly used as an antipyretic analgesic, with slow and lasting effects, treating headaches, neuralgia, joint pain, and fever, and weakly resisting rheumatism and inflammation. Can be used as a material for organic synthesis or a pharmaceutical intermediate.
Solubility: soluble in water (more so in hot than cold water), alcohol, glycerol, and acetone and slightly soluble in benzene.
Storage: Sealed in dry,Room Temperature

ir spectrum phenacetin

Phenacetin is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C₁₀H₁₃NO₂. Its IR spectrum would typically show characteristic peaks corresponding to the various functional groups present in the molecule. Here are some expected peaks in the IR spectrum of phenacetin:

  1. A broad and strong peak in the range of 3200-3500 cm⁻¹ indicates the presence of an O-H bond from the phenolic group.
  2. A strong and sharp peak around 1700 cm⁻¹ corresponds to the C=O (carbonyl) stretch of the acetamide group.
  3. Peaks in the region of 1600-1650 cm⁻¹ suggest the presence of aromatic C=C bonds.
  4. Peaks around 1100-1200 cm⁻¹ indicate the presence of C-O bonds, likely from the ether linkage.
  5. Peaks in the range of 700-900 cm⁻¹ are typically associated with C-H bending vibrations in the aromatic ring.

functional groups in phenacetin

Phenacetin is an organic compound with the chemical formula C₁₀H₁₃NO₂. It contains several functional groups that contribute to its chemical properties. The functional groups present in phenacetin are:

Acetamide Group: Phenacetin contains an acetamide functional group (CH₃C(O)NH-). This group consists of a carbonyl (C=O) group attached to an amino (NH₂) group. The acetamide group is responsible for the analgesic and antipyretic properties of phenacetin.

Ether Group: Phenacetin has an ether functional group (-O-) that connects the phenyl ring to the acetamide group. The ether linkage is formed between the oxygen atom and the carbon atom of the phenyl ring.

Aromatic Ring: Phenacetin contains a benzene ring (phenyl ring) that is aromatic in nature. The aromatic ring contributes to the compound’s stability and is involved in various chemical reactions.

Amine Group: Phenacetin possesses an amino group (-NH₂) attached to the aromatic ring. The amine group contributes to the compound’s basicity and can participate in reactions such as protonation or formation of salts.

Ester Group (Acetyl Group): Although not strictly considered a functional group in phenacetin, it is worth mentioning that the acetamide group can be seen as an ester since it contains an acetyl group (CH₃CO-) attached to the nitrogen atom.

These functional groups give phenacetin its unique chemical properties and are responsible for its biological activity and interactions with other compounds.

phenacetin powder

williamson ether synthesis phenacetin

The Williamson ether synthesis is a chemical reaction used to synthesize ethers. Phenacetin, on the other hand, is an analgesic and antipyretic (fever-reducing) compound that was previously used for pain relief but has been discontinued due to safety concerns. It is not typically synthesized using the Williamson ether synthesis.

Phenacetin is synthesized through a different process, involving the condensation of p-phenetidine with acetic anhydride in the presence of an acid catalyst. This reaction is known as the acetylation of p-phenetidine.


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